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Suddenly, three wars have investors selling. Should you be worried, too?

Suddenly the prospects of three wars heating up has investors heading for the exists with stocks. I m talking about 1) the war for control of Iraq, 2) the war between the far right and the far left in U.S. politics, and 3) the war between (mostly foreign) energy producers and U.S. retailers for consumer […]

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Modeling Buffett’s brains for big gains: 7 stocks

Take one investing genius. Add some great quantitative skills and a desire to make money in the stock market. What do you get? Ongoing efforts to use computers and stats to model the investing genius Warren Buffett, so that it can be replicated. One recent attempt getting a lot of buzz in investing circles attributes […]

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Time to buy a “more stable” Egypt?

Egypt is back in the spotlight as an investment them, with analysts touting exposure and fund managers pouring money into the country. These investors are betting that recently-elected president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, a former military leader, will bring a new era of political and economic stability to the country that will boost returns in […]

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Timeless indicator: Stock bull run not over yet

With stocks hitting new highs on a regular basis, investor sentiment fairly high, corporate profits at record levels, and the month we’re all supposed to sell before going away (May) just behind us, it’s tempting to think the stock market is riding for a fall. But one timeless technical indicator is telling us just the […]

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Why do you lose so often in the stock market?

A new study confirms what I have long suspect might be the reason for many people. Maybe you’re just trying too hard! Or, as one of my favorite market writers Martin Pring says: The stock market is designed to exploit your character flaws. Here’s what I’m talking about. A recent study* found that in gambling, […]

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