Up on Dividends

Your parents were right! Dividends matter! A lot.

Since 1926, dividends accounted for over 40% of total market return, according to Standard & Poor’s.

Everyone complains these days that they can’t find yield. I say they’re not looking hard enough! The yield on my income plays was a minimum of 6% on average, in each of the past four years. (Click here for performance.)

Don’t you risk losing money if you buy stocks for yield? You can. But it’s less likely, if you chose well, and know how to identify safety, and growth opportunities.

My unique system for analyzing yield plays does just that. My dividend plays actually outperformed the market in three of the past four years, while offering a nice yield of over 6% on average.

Besides offering relative safety and stability in the stock market, dividend plays can be an inflation hedge. The yield on your bonds will never change. But when there’s inflation, dividend paying companies are raising prices, and they use the extra revenue to regularly hike dividends.

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