Biggest Trump Tax Cut Winners

Top ten high tax rate companies reporting little in foreign taxes The following companies stand to benefit the most under a Donald Trump corporate tax cut. That’s because they pay very high corporate taxes, and they report few, if any, foreign tax payments. (Companies with a market cap below $500 million excluded.) For more on this, […]

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Brush Biotech 15 Update

Back on January 25, 2016, I singled out my favorite 15 biotech stocks for subscribers to Brush Up on Stocks. The list was broken out into two sections. One consisted of the larger eight names ($500 million to $15 billion market cap) that are “safer” because they are bigger and they have more advanced products […]

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Is biotech a buy? Looks that way…

With the buyout of Brush Biotech 15 name Anacor Pharmaceuticals (ANAC) announced today by Pfizer (PFE), one of the key conditions is falling in place for biotech to get out of the doldrums. The pieces have not all fallen into place (I’ll explain some others to expect in a sec), but this is a major […]

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Is Gold Still a Buy?

My favorite gold stock is up 179% since I introduced it as a buy in my stock letter Brush Up on Stocks in late November 2015, and then purchased it. I reiterated it several times along the way as a “must own” stock before the big move up. This compares to a 69% gain for […]

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A few good swing trades

At Brush Up on Stocks, I like to ferret out stocks to hold calmly for a few years for returns that beat the markets. That’s what I’ve delivered. On average, my stocks have outperformed every year, since launching the newsletter in 2010. (For a summary of returns, click here.) However, I like a quick trade […]

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First quarter sector calls

I’m going to take a break from biotech. The group has done so well, it is due for a correction. Instead, in this issue I want to focus on energy. There’s been widespread insider buying in this group in February. It is the kind of buying that suggests a group will do well. – Brush […]

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6 reasons why it’s time to take a little money off the table

Though the current economic expansion is five years old and the average expansion since 1960 has lasted only 11 months more than that, I doubt this means the bull market in stocks is about to end. So I’m a fan of staying the course with core, long-term stock holdings right now. But if you have […]

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Investing lesson from Steve Jobs: It pays to think different

In investing, some of the biggest payoffs regularly come from doing the opposite of the crowd. This is called “contrarian investing,” which I have personally learned about in conversations with some of the greats at this style over the years, like David Dreman, Marty Whitman, Irving Kahn and Seth Glickenhaus. Contrarian investing isn’t for everyone. […]

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This one simple turn of events will surprise everyone and spark the next leg up for stocks

Why is the stock market continually hitting new highs, when “everyone knows” there are so many problems out there? From the geopolitical risk in Iraq and the Ukraine, to sluggish jobs and wage growth, and lumbering Fed debt that must be unwound? It just might be that investors aren’t so stupid, after all. It might […]

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So much for Friday the 13th

A stock I suggested to Brush Up on Stocks subscribers less than three weeks ago on May 27th is up almost 90% today, on a catalyst I suggested might play out in mid-June. I’ll take it.

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