Subscriber Testimonials

In the newsletter business, about 75% of subscribers typically defect every year.

At Brush Up on Stocks, I retain over 80% of my subscribers annually.

Here are some unsolicited testimonials from subscribers.

“Kicking myself — didn’t buy enough! Maybe the fastest rising stock I’ve ever bought!” – CP

“I like your newsletter. You talk in a “conversational” way but it is obvious you know your stuff.” – PE

“Where do I send the wine! (Stock XYZ) has exploded. $7 to almost $17. In a month. Wow. Seriously, where do you want me to send the wine!” – BG (Follow up: The wine arrived safely.)

“Fantastic information Michael. I always look forward to reading your emails.” – JW

“Great call on (stock XYZ). I did not have enough cash to buy it at $100 so I bought 4 calls which I sold 2 weeks later for a net gain of $3,345.” – GC

“Thank you for a great year.” – JF (Portfolio manager at household name investment shop)

“I bought (stock XYZ) this morning after receiving your update and it’s up 10% at market close; am keeping it though, it’ll go higher. I’ve made about 30k since signing up, so am quite pleased. Good work sir! Very reasonable fee.” – VP

“Thank you Michael you are the best, and I really appreciate what you have done for me. If there is anything I can do to post anything about your stock report just let me know and I will do it. Have a great year.” – RW

“Trust me, I’ve been losing money in the market since before the ’87 flash crashl! (LOL!) And you are the best (BEST!!!) service I have ever had. So, I eagerly await each and every missive of yours. Thank you and thank you for (stock XYZ) among others.” – SC

“Your newsletter is professional and one of the best I’ve seen. You’re definitely in the top 20 of advisers. Keep it up bro.” – SR

“Your advice has been spot-on, and quite profitable, and I thank you for that.” – CW

“Thank you for all you’re doing for us little investors.” – RW

“Thanks for the great newsletter!” – JM

“I’m very pleased with my subscription to your newsletter and look forward to more ‘learning on the fly.'” – JPW

“I’ve only been subscribed to your service for a few weeks having seen an ad on and just wanted to send you a quick note to say I’m really enjoying the input and am very pleased with the first few stocks I have purchased. Thank you!” – CJ

“I have been a very happy subscriber for a number of years.” – DBY

“On your advice I sold 10,000 shares of (stock XYZ, at about $11 a share). I made 42% on the purchase.” – RG

“I very much enjoy and value your data and perspective on stocks.” – JW

“Thanks again! My husband and I have subscribed to other services in the past but have felt that you deliver an excellent return on investment!” – Dr. SK

“I’ve been learning from reading your writing since college. Thanks for all of the insight you provide.” – JS

“Looks like I just auto renewed my subscription through PayPal for another year. Just want to say that I have enjoyed your newsletter and prospered from it this past year keep up the good work!” – JM

“Your letter just keeps getting better. The little updates and notes about entry points is a nice addition. I love the letter as it gives me an edge in stocks, knowing yours are fundamentally sound. You’re great at what you do.” – BB

“I have learned a lot from your contributions.” – JB

And finally, here is some interesting perspective for investors, in the age of click bait and vapid, online content:

Ain’t it strange the way we’re ignorant
How we seek out bad advice
How we jigger it and figure it
Mistaking value for the price

– Paul Simon, So Beautiful or So What