Subscriber Testimonials

In the newsletter business, about 75% of subscribers typically defect every year.

At Brush Up on Stocks, I retain over 75% of my subscribers annually.

These unsolicited testimonials from subscribers help explain why.

“Thank you, Michael. Your awesome mix of ‘realness,’ brilliance, experience, insights, analysis, and your ‘picks’ are much appreciated on this end.” – MB

“Michael, You are indeed the type of professional that provides valuable data. Actionable information that I can use to guide my investing decisions, while developing my experience and knowledge. I come from a science and IT consulting background, so I understand the value professional expertise and guidance.” – RC

“Kicking myself — didn’t buy enough! Maybe the fastest rising stock I’ve ever bought!” – CP

“Thanks for the update….up about $28k today. Do re-send address (so I can forward check) so I can properly tip the outstanding service :).” – RV

“I like your newsletter. You talk in a ‘conversational’ way but it is obvious you know your stuff.” – PE

“Where do I send the wine! (Stock XYZ) has exploded. $7 to almost $17. In a month. Wow. Seriously, where do you want me to send the wine!” – BG (Follow up: The wine arrived safely.)

“I wanted to thank you for guiding me in this war-like stock market. I really appreciate your thoughtful email. I can feel you really care about your readers. I enjoy reading your informative and enthusiastic email every time. Most of the stocks you recommended are doing so well.” – EK

“Fantastic information Michael. I always look forward to reading your emails.” – JW

“I want to tell you how impressive the majority of your calls are.” – TH

“Great call on (stock XYZ). I did not have enough cash to buy it at $100 so I bought 4 calls which I sold 2 weeks later for a net gain of $3,345.” – GC

“Thank you for a great year.” – JF (Portfolio manager at household name investment shop)

“Great issue. I really appreciated your insights into the market position, movement, sentiment and breadth in the last issue. I am constantly looking for information to balance good use of my capital and avoid large market downturns (i.e., when to invest and when to get out). Thanks for sharing your knowledge and perspective on stocks and the market.” – RC

“I bought (stock XYZ) this morning after receiving your update and it’s up 10% at market close; am keeping it though, it’ll go higher. I’ve made about 30k since signing up, so am quite pleased. Good work sir! Very reasonable fee.” – VP

“Thank you Michael you are the best, and I really appreciate what you have done for me. If there is anything I can do to post anything about your stock report just let me know and I will do it. Have a great year.” – RW

“Trust me, I’ve been losing money in the market since before the ’87 flash crashl! (LOL!) And you are the best (BEST!!!) service I have ever had. So, I eagerly await each and every missive of yours. Thank you and thank you for (stock XYZ) among others.” – SC

“Your newsletter is professional and one of the best I’ve seen. You’re definitely in the top 20 of advisers. Keep it up bro.” – SR

“When I replied before I had only tracked the two tickers I picked up from you. Over the weekend I looked at the others, and was ASTOUNDED. If I’d had you before I might have avoided getting into those boring managed accounts. So it goes.” – BT

“Your advice has been spot-on, and quite profitable, and I thank you for that.” – CW

“Thank you for all you’re doing for us little investors.” – RW

“You’ve been Awesome!!! I appreciate the friendship.” – SR

“Thanks for the great newsletter!” – JM

“I’m very pleased with my subscription to your newsletter and look forward to more ‘learning on the fly.'” – JPW

“Michael, I wanted to convey my thanks for your insights. They have been very valuable in stock XYZ (reference to stock suggestion that advanced 35% in three months). Appreciate all your hard work for little guys like me who do not know or have much insight on day to day things in financial markets!” — MP

“I love the newsletter and always look forward to reading it. In addition to valuing your advice, I really enjoy your writing style. Thanks again.” – JM

“I’ve only been subscribed to your service for a few weeks having seen an ad on and just wanted to send you a quick note to say I’m really enjoying the input and am very pleased with the first few stocks I have purchased. Thank you!” – CJ

“I have been a very happy subscriber for a number of years.” – DBY

“On your advice I sold 10,000 shares of (stock XYZ, at about $11 a share). I made 42% on the purchase.” – RG

“I very much enjoy and value your data and perspective on stocks.” – JW

“Thanks again! My husband and I have subscribed to other services in the past but have felt that you deliver an excellent return on investment!” – Dr. SK

“I’ve been learning from reading your writing since college. Thanks for all of the insight you provide.” – JS

“Looks like I just auto renewed my subscription through PayPal for another year. Just want to say that I have enjoyed your newsletter and prospered from it this past year keep up the good work!” – JM

“Your letter just keeps getting better. The little updates and notes about entry points is a nice addition. I love the letter as it gives me an edge in stocks, knowing yours are fundamentally sound. You’re great at what you do.” – BB

“I have learned a lot from your contributions.” – JB

“I have enjoyed your newsletter and prospered from it this past year keep up the good work!” – JM

“Thank you for feedback Michael, I did get out at $50. Amazing also that you suggested at $13!! Great job.” – MB

“Thanks for the great commentary and insight.” – DC

“I really enjoy your analysis and recommendations. – DW

Great call on NLTX. I gave you some great props on Stocktwits.” – MG

“I’m a subscriber and enjoying the picks so far, nice job!” – MB

“I checked out your newsletter – it is very well done.” – SM

“You sure know how to pick them – CDLX, AMRN, etc. Thankful to be a subscriber.” RV

“Good Morning Mr. Brush. Thanks for Cardolytics. Up $8 from my entry.” – SR (Stock was up
25% from suggestion ten days prior.)

“Good morning. Any thoughts on NFE at current prices. Have a nice gain from when you recommended.” – RK

“I subscribe to your newsletter and it’s great.” – CS

“I enjoy your views. Nice job on your service.” – KD

“I bought (stock XYZ) after you mentioned it in your first newsletter and I am up 50%! The subscription has already more than paid for itself. Thank you so much.” – KS

“Thanks for all of the great guidance and intel. I’m really enjoying my subscription.” – DW

“Thank you so much Mr. Brush. I got every stock you emailed me. Huge profits.” – SR

“Thank you – obviously the income generated from your insights is appreciated, but also greatly respect your style and approach to investment. Thanks for your terrific insights.” RV

“Thanks and keep on doing what you are doing now!” – RS

“Good scoop. Keep up the great reporting. Thanks for the great service!” — JM

And finally, here is some interesting perspective for investors from Paul Simon, in the age of click bait and vapid online content available for free:

Ain’t it strange the way we’re ignorant
How we seek out bad advice
How we jigger it and figure it
Mistaking value for the price

– From So Beautiful or So What