Up on Stocks

The stocks in two investment accounts I manage using analysis and picks from my stock letter, Brush Up on Stocks, are up 13% and 22.75% year to date as of April 15, 2015.

This compares to 2.6% gains for the market overall.

Account positions were taken after suggestions were published.

No guarantees, of course, but I believe you can get similar outperformance by subscribing to my stock letter.

Here’s why.

1) Great record. Brush Up on Stocks picks beat the market in each of the past four years. My performance page on this website shows that over a four year period my stock suggestions outperformed 70% of the time. (Click here for performance).

2) Unique approach. To find the best stocks, I use a unique system that looks for out of favor stocks with the potential to bounce back sharply based on evidence of: Smart money purchasing and ownership, solid growth opportunities, cheap relative valuation, financial strength and strong cash flow, and opportune sentiment extremes. I suggest about 10-20 new stocks per month.

It also helps that I’m in regular contact with some of the best money managers, economists and strategists around, in my job as a stock market commentator. Though all stock suggestions are based on my own independent research and unique quantitative system.

3) Experience. I have over two decades of experience analyzing stocks and economic trends for the New York Times, The Economist Group, Dow Jones, Money magazine, and MSN Money. I developed financial, economic and geopolitical analytical skills at Columbia Business School and Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

4) Unbiased. I’m an unbiased source of analysis. No conflict of interest. Unlike a lot of brokers and analysts who work at investment banks, I don’t have any hidden agendas and I don’t have an inventory of product to push on you for commissions.

To make my stock letter more accessible, I price it well under the market. Comparison shop and you will see that my letter costs 30% to 80% less than competing products, and it publishes twice a month with regular updates throughout the month. Depending on market conditions, I suggest about ten to 20 new stocks a month.

To get regular investment and trading insights you will find nowhere else, click here.

If at any point you aren’t happy with my products, you can always cancel for a pro rata refund, no hassles, and no questions asked. I want you to be happy, more than I want your money!
Further explanation of account returns:

I limit position size to around 2%, so these outsized returns are not attributable to the success of a single stock or two. Though I will overweight sectors.

The returns of 13% and 22.75% year to date, as of April 15, 2015, are for the invested portion of these accounts and do not consider the impact of cash lag. The outsized returns do reflect the performance of stock selections for these accounts, and stock suggestions in my letter, since that’s where the ideas came from. Including the effect of cash drag the accounts, combined, are up 8.7% (overall total return) compared to 2.6% for the market, as of April 15, 2015.