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Are we about to see a biotech takeover binge?

Kite Pharma (KITE) was a Brush Up on Stocks stock suggestion singled out in early May, 2017 because it came up very strong in my system for selecting biotech names. Gilead Sciences (GILD) liked it too. It announced plans to buy the company for cash in late August . My subscribers are now up 150% […]

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A few good swing trades

At Brush Up on Stocks, I like to ferret out stocks to hold calmly for a few years for returns that beat the markets. That’s what I’ve delivered. On average, my stocks have outperformed every year, since launching the newsletter in 2010. (For a summary of returns, click here.) However, I like a quick trade […]

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Investing lesson from Steve Jobs: It pays to think different

In investing, some of the biggest payoffs regularly come from doing the opposite of the crowd. This is called “contrarian investing,” which I have personally learned about in conversations with some of the greats at this style over the years, like David Dreman, Marty Whitman, Irving Kahn and Seth Glickenhaus. Contrarian investing isn’t for everyone. […]

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This one simple turn of events will surprise everyone and spark the next leg up for stocks

Why is the stock market continually hitting new highs, when “everyone knows” there are so many problems out there? From the geopolitical risk in Iraq and the Ukraine, to sluggish jobs and wage growth, and lumbering Fed debt that must be unwound? It just might be that investors aren’t so stupid, after all. It might […]

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So much for Friday the 13th

A stock I suggested to Brush Up on Stocks subscribers less than three weeks ago on May 27th is up almost 90% today, on a catalyst I suggested might play out in mid-June. I’ll take it.

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Modeling Buffett’s brains for big gains: 7 stocks

Take one investing genius. Add some great quantitative skills and a desire to make money in the stock market. What do you get? Ongoing efforts to use computers and stats to model the investing genius Warren Buffett, so that it can be replicated. One recent attempt getting a lot of buzz in investing circles attributes […]

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