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Biggest Trump Tax Cut Winners

Top ten high tax rate companies reporting little in foreign taxes The following companies stand to benefit the most under a Donald Trump corporate tax cut. That’s because they pay very high corporate taxes, and they report few, if any, foreign tax payments. (Companies with a market cap below $500 million excluded.) For more on this, […]

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Brush Biotech 15 Update

Back on January 25, 2016, I singled out my favorite 15 biotech stocks for subscribers to Brush Up on Stocks. The list was broken out into two sections. One consisted of the larger eight names ($500 million to $15 billion market cap) that are “safer” because they are bigger and they have more advanced products […]

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Is biotech a buy? Looks that way…

With the buyout of Brush Biotech 15 name Anacor Pharmaceuticals (ANAC) announced today by Pfizer (PFE), one of the key conditions is falling in place for biotech to get out of the doldrums. The pieces have not all fallen into place (I’ll explain some others to expect in a sec), but this is a major […]

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Is Gold Still a Buy?

My favorite gold stock is up 179% since I introduced it as a buy in my stock letter Brush Up on Stocks in late November 2015, and then purchased it. I reiterated it several times along the way as a “must own” stock before the big move up. This compares to a 69% gain for […]

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